Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last Day in Panama City....

For some reason, we waited until the last day of our vacation to take a family photo. Roby's brother and nephew (Scott & Alan) are pictured with us. If it weren't for Scott, we wouldn't have had such a NICE place to stay in Panama City. After visiting Disney for the past 6 years STRAIGHT; I finally ventured somewhere different this summer. Honestly, we had so much fun that we all agreed to go to Panama City again next summer!

Following in my sister's footsteps......again!

We went to Panama City, FL for our family vacation this year. While there, the men went deep sea fishing. Brittany & I went for a helicopter ride. Before we boarded, the pilot asked me if I was okay. I told him I was just a little nervous. His response..... "Yeah, I know. I'm a little nervous, too!" Not something I wanted to hear from my own pilot! It was, however, a BLAST!!!!!!

Mack's First.....Brittany's Last

Mack attended his first prom this year! A senior invited him. He went with his big "sister" and her boyfriend, Alex. This was Brittany's last prom. Time just zooms by. My parents were their chauffeurs!

Look Aunt hands!

Tam-Tam loves you , Grant!!

Wii Parties Are GREAT!

If you've never had a Wii Party, YOU NEED TO! They're awesome! I don't know which is more fun, playing the Wii with friends and family or watching others play the Wii. The facial expressions and body movements are hilarious! We love going to my parents for BIG pancake breakfasts. After my sister and I cook, we all play the Wii. My parents are way cool!!!

Fun in the SNOW!

We all had so much fun in the snow on March 1st. All of us except Roby. He had a little too much fun and landed in the emergency room with a broke leg! Since he spoils ME so much, I'm not sure who suffered the most through the recovery!

Meet Ariel......

Here is our newest member of the family. Her name is Ariel and she is 1 1/2 years old. She's an Oorang Airedale Terrier (Oorang meaning "large") and she weighs about 85 lbs. She was flown to me from Spokane, Washington for my B-Day/Christmas present in 2007. Despite her size, we allow her to be an INDOOR doggy! She enjoyed the big "blizzard" we had back in March!